Specialist Support for Schools

Specialist Support for Schools

Specialist support for deaf children in schools and the people that work with them


  • Specialist knowledge and experience to ensure children with hearing loss/deafness access all areas of the curriculum
  • Classroom practice and strategies
  • Providing BSL training to teachers and support staff
  • Individual-led action plan and support packages
  • Working together to provide appropriate signs to match language used in the classroom
  • British Sign Language support and guidance
  • Support the teachers and support staff to develop communication strategies to improve classroom practice
  • Ensuring the child has the acquired language to access all aspects of the curriculum
  • Weekly visits to schools to ensure continued support
  • Helpful classroom resources – to include peer participation and promote inclusion
  • Yearly subscription includes free online learning resource
  • In class support for child (CSW) level 3 sign language


For more information contact Annette Butler on 07866 513 274, or e-mail; annette.butler@primarysign.com

Celebrating 10 Years in Business


We are very proud to say that the School of Sign Language has been in business for 10 years.

The School of Sign Language was established by Debra Reynolds in April 2006 who was motivated by her drive and enthusiasm to break down barriers between Deaf and hearing communities. Following her own personal experiences, being hard of hearing, she was fully aware of the challenges Deaf people face every day.

The School of Sign Language has received numerous awards for their pioneering work and received national attention.

Throughout these 10 years we have worked with many different people including schools, colleges, prisons, businesses, organisations, hospitals, police, fire brigade, hotels, shops, banks, individuals, charities, job centres, football clubs and housing associations. We have also worked with ITV, Channel 4 and the BBC.

Over the past decade we have accomplished many things. Some of our standout moments include;

  • 2007 – Deaf video podcasts
  • 2012 – Primary Sign launched
  • 2008 – Creature Discomforts, voice of Cath the cat
  • 2008 – This Morning appearance
  • 2010 – Sign Language GCSE equivalent
  • 2013 – National radio campaign
  • 2014 – Worked on Emmerdale Farm set


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School of Sign Language with Channel 4

School of Sign Language recently worked together with Channel 4 to offer a translation service for their show ‘Posh Pawn‘, when their latest episode featured 2 individuals signing.

We offer many different services to meet any BSL needs you might have, including interpreting, Sign Language courses, working with schools, individals and organisations, translating and more. For any information

Deaf awareness training for staff at Strange Ways prison

Strange Ways Staff Training

We had a great day with staff from hmp Manchester. HMP Manchester Strange ways commissioned the School of Sign Language in to deliver Deaf awareness training to their staff members. They currently work with a staff member who is profoundly Deaf and the course was set up to support staff in communicating and to develop a stronger understanding of Deaf people and their culture.

Here’s what they had to say;

“It’s the best course I have been on in my 33 year’s of working here”

It was very informative best thing we have fun while we were learning”

“Are you putting another course on I missed it and everyone is still talking about it”


ASPIRE is a new project which is examining how peer support could help
disabled people gain and retain employment.

ASPIRE stands for:

*       Access to Work
*       Support from
*       Peers
*       Inclusive Workplaces
*       Realise potential
*       Employment for all

ASPIRE is one of 13 peer support projects taking place across the UK. Each
of the 13 projects is being developed by a Disabled People’s User Led
Organisation (DPULO), and is funded by Office for Disability Issues and
Department for Work and Pensions as part of the ‘Strengthening DPULOs
Programme’. ASPIRE is running from June 2013 to March 2014. The key outcome
is to develop a clear business case and business model for a Peer Support
Service which could be funded by Access To Work.

We are interested in working with individuals and organisations on this
project, in order to gain ideas and experience. You may be a disabled
person, an employer or a disabled person’s organisation. The pilot is based
in the Greater Manchester area. If you’re interested in being a volunteer,
we will be offering you training and development to support you through the
pilot. For more information email aspire@breakthrough-uk.co.uk

Praise for SOSL!

Emanuel School’s Assistant Head Pastoral Head of Modern Foreign Languages Sara Williams-Ryan says;

“Marios and Hussein were really fantastic !! Thank you so much for sending them to our school. The pupils, my colleague Sophie and I thoroughly enjoyed their session on British Sign Language and I must say I was particularly impressed with how quickly the pupils picked up words and the alphabet, thanks to Marios’ great teaching and Hussein’s clear interpreting.

Thank you again.”

Proud mother tells of success

Jemma Caffrey attended the BSL Level 1 course for families of deaf children. Jemma attended the course because she felt being a parent of a hearing impaired child she needed to gain the best skills she could to ensure that her son Alfie could be part of both hearing and deaf social groups.

Jemma successfully completed her signature BSL Level 1 and gave us some feedback after the course, this is what she said:  

“I am very grateful to School of Sign Language for enabling me to ensure my son does not need to ever feel isolated. He is only 3 and signing has improved his conversation skills, he can now socialise with both hearing and deaf children without any struggles.”

Hospital staff learn BSL

We are currently providing a 20 week, level 1 course in British Sign Language for staff at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital. This is some of the feedback we have received from few of the students:

Denise Dougherty –“This has been one of the most enjoyable and beneficial courses I have ever done. It has been more than learning sign language and has given an insight into the way deaf people cope in a hearing environment. I have learnt how arrogant and selfish we can be and it has been quite humbling. I would recommend this course, the tutors and interpreters”

Melvin Law – “The BSL course has helped me bridge the gap of communicating with deaf patients helping me to build a rapport and gaining their trust when doing treatments. This communication makes the patient feel more at ease and shows that there is staff who they can communicate their feeling and wishes to and no longer be misunderstood. I have enjoyed this course it has been fun while learning and would wish to continue further in the future”

Terri Neil – “So far I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have found it interesting, enjoyable and very useful. I have had several encounters with patients with a hearing impairment, and because of BSL I have felt confident using sign language to communicate.”

Susan Hughes – “Even though I’m not ‘front-line staff’ I think learning BSL is beneficial to me; since beginning the Foundation course earlier in the year, and just by being out and about around the building, I have come across 2 deaf visitors/patients needing directions and have happily been able to assist. I’m really enjoying the training – The School of Sign Language team are very approachable, provide good support and email literature hand-outs; the sessions are very relaxed and good fun.”

Nicky Simon – “Learning BSL is a great advantage to those working in a hospital environment. It helps to put deaf patients and visitors at ease and they appreciate the effort we are making to communicate with them. The course is really enjoyable and the tutors are really friendly and approachable. I am thoroughly enjoying myself and would love to progress to further levels once level one is complete. I would definitely recommend the course and School of Sign Language to anybody thinking of learning.”

Families learn BSL for free!


There is limited affordable provision for deaf children and their families to learn British Sign Language within the Lancashire area. Therefore, School of Sign Language set up a BSL level 1 course at Wensley Fold Children’s Centre on a Wednesday evening. This course was provided free to deaf families and 25 people attended.

The classes were offered to deaf children and young people, parents, their siblings, grandparents, friends and professionals. The vision was to provide accessible classes that involve all those connected with the lives of deaf children and young people through an informal, socially based group.

This level 1 course supported communication between families and enabled parents to share experiences. Research shows that providing BSL to deaf families at an early stage will reduce future feelings of isolation and mental health issues for deaf children and young people.

BSL and Deaf Awareness day!

This one day BSL and Deaf Awareness course is a unique opportunity for the public to gain an insight into Deaf awareness and acquire signing skills. These signing skills can be used to break down the communication barrier between the hearing and deaf community.

The course is in a prime location as it is based in the town centre at Blackburn Library; therefore it is convenient and easily accessible for all members of the public. 

The course is delivered on the 8th of October from 10.00am – 3pm and will require a minimum of 15 students to attend: this will enable us to charge the reduced rate of £75.00 per person.

If you are interested in this course click this link which will take you straight to the booking page https://www.schoolofsignlanguage.com/british-sign-language-courses or you can contact Emma Bury on 077852339074 or email emma@schoolofsignlanguage.com

We look forward to seeing you on the course.