Election day 2015


Today is Election Day!


Make sure you use your vote.

Each party will have different policies which will have different effects on how your children with hearing loss will be educated and supported.

The policies will also affect how schools are run, the ability of schools to provide support for children with hearing loss, the opportunities that are available to children with hearing loss and their quality of life.

If you want to know more about each party’s policies for children and people with hearing loss, go to the party’s own website and use the search box to find the right information.

If you cannot find the information, contact the party and ask for specific policies on hearing loss.


Good luck!

What our Customer are Saying

Here is a small selection of recent feedback from some of our customers.

I just wanted to pass on my sincere gratitude for the outstanding work you and your team have performed at HMP Manchester.

As a parent with a hearing impaired child I am aware of the challenges for both those with impairments and those who support them. Although I have only known your team for a short time I have already seen how supportive, pro-active and determined they are with our employee.

I would be most grateful if you could pass on my gratitude to your staff for their considerable efforts throughout their time atManchester and hope the next 10 years are as productive and successful.

I hope you don’t mind, but I have taken the liberty to nominate you for the National Diversity Award.

Yours faithfully
Governor Jonathan Fisher
Head of Offender Management
H.M.P Manchester


Lydia – “I thought it was fantastic. This should be done in schools across the country to spread awareness she was absolutely wonderful. Thank you.

Shane – “I really enjoyed last week’s session on sign language. I must be honest at the start I was nervous I don’t know why, probably because I have not had much experience with a Deaf individual before but after a while I was okay. I enjoyed taking part in the group activities we did it gave me a little insight into what life is like for a Deaf person. Overall I really enjoyed this lesson, and I am now looking to take a Makaton course.”

Alyson – “I thought the presentation was wonderful. It open my eyes to some of the difficulties deaf people face. I feel a little more confident now in communicating with someone who is deaf. (but not when I went to the bank and a man with hearing aids in, was signing to a lady what looked like ‘sleep with me’. The lady looked very perplexed & I didn’t feel that confident to intervene!

(Students from a recent course)

Sign Language for Children



Primary Sign is an online learning resource that helps children to learn British Sign Language in a unique and fun way, through animated characters, games and activities, including hundreds of pages of resources and handouts.

Already being used in schools and home across the UK, packages can be customised to suit individuals and it can be used in groups, one to one or independently. Prices start from less than a penny a day.

To find out more visit www.primarysign.com or email info@schoolofsignlanguage if you are interested or would like more information.

SOSL Provides

School of Sign Language is currently working within the Lancashire area. We provide quality on-site BSL tuition to children and adults. Our friendly team are Deaf and all highly experienced and enthusiastic about teaching British sign language. Each team member holds CRB Enhanced Disclosure clearance. We have a track record of success working with both children and adults. Over the past few months we have delivered free taster sessions to over 4000 school children to promote the language and Deaf awareness. We have delivered BSL sessions as an after school activity, enrichment time during school hours. Community groups in the evening. We are flexible and reliable and thrive of being able to offer this unique opportunity to our community.

I am sure you are looking to Promote your extended schools services within your community, and dedicated to making a difference in promoting multi agency partnerships work for your centre. We support the extended schools agenda whole heartedly and feel we could create a unique partnership with yourselves delivering BSL to children and parents/guardian/carers in your centre.

Why should you offer sign language in your centre?

  • Families are more likely to attend family learning sessions as there is no element of embarrassment, due to lack of confidence when the word learning is mentioned. It’s a perfect opportunity to encourage families to take part in your services and learn what else is on offer at your centre. Its fun and extremely enjoyable.

  • Studies have shown how the use of British Sign Language promotes all areas of child development, Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional and Social aspects. The sign language classes enable hearing children to become involved in a fun social interaction empowering the children with the confidence to communicate using signs and gesture. The classes are of benefit to children and Adults of all ages and abilities and can also assist children with speech and learning difficulties.

Together we can promote the fact that there are employment opportunities in this area of work. In the UK there are 70.000 Deaf people who use BSL as their first language. In the UK there are only 275 Qualified interpreters, the dire shortage has an effect on the Deaf community, They are unable to access services that the hearing community take for granted.

School of Sign Language with Channel 4

School of Sign Language recently worked together with Channel 4 to offer a translation service for their show ‘Posh Pawn‘, when their latest episode featured 2 individuals signing.

We offer many different services to meet any BSL needs you might have, including interpreting, Sign Language courses, working with schools, individals and organisations, translating and more. For any information

Deaf Awareness Week

19th – 25th of May 2014 is Deaf Awareness Week. It’s a week dedicated to promoting inclusion and awareness of Deafness and Deaf culture.

How you can get involved?

You can get involved in Deaf Awareness Week by raising awareness within schools, the workplace and with family and friends. Check out the following websites for more informtaion and to see what they are doing, get ideas and get involved:

Success for Liam

Liam is profoundly deaf and uses British Sign Language as his first language. Despite attending college and working previously he had found himself unemployed for several years.

He found that due to his deafness faced additional barriers to gaining opportunities to gain employment.

School of Sign Language Ltd, worked in partnership with the Disability Employment Advisor at his local Job Centre in providing 1:1 interpreting support which enabled him to access a 3 week training course which lead to the possibility of paid employment and a guaranteed interview with a Housing Association.

Liam has now successfully gained a full time position and is delighted to be working and utilising his skills again. School of Sign Language, will continue to provide in work support to Liam and his employer to ensure that this position is sustained.

Liam saidI’m really pleased to hear that I have been offered a job as Grounds Maintenance in Wythenshawe Community Housing Group. I am over the moon as I have been out of work for 6 years I attended Wythenshawe College for 3 weeks course, which we concentrated on modules such as customer service, interview techniques and confidence building. The course enabled me to meet other people who have been in the same position as me, they were all friendly and we had a good laugh. My interpreter was from School of Sign Language and they have been brilliant to support me through the whole process. I will be starting work in April, It will be 6 months contract, I will definitely work hard to prove them I’m worth for this job and keep me for permanent, finger crossed.”

DEA saidI am so pleased for Liam, he truly deserves this opportunity.  I only met Liam in October 2013 and he has been a joy to work with, so positive, despite his length of unemployment. I must also say how supportive and absolutely brilliant the School of Sign Language were, to be there for Liam and I at very short notice really gave Liam the best chance of success.

Save £346 on Primary Sign

Primary Sign is currently available through Groupon at the massively reduced rate of 95%

To take advantage of this deal visit the Groupon page here. Once you have your voucher, go to the subscribe page on the Primary Sign website and fill in the requested information. Accounts are usually set up within 48 hours.

Specialist Support for Schools

School of Sign Language offer a range of services for Deaf children in schools and the people that work with them. Services include:

  • Providing BSL training to teachers and support staff
  • Ensuring the child has the acquired language to access all aspects of the curriculum
  • Working together to provide appropriate signs to match language used in the classroom
  • Weekly visits to schools to ensure continued support
  • Helpful classroom resources – to include peer participation and promote inclusion
  • Yearly subscription includes free online learning resource
  • In class support for child (CSW) level 3 sign language

And more…

We have had very positive results with the individuals we have worked with and children have shown a massive improvement in their education.

Contact us for more information.

Deaf awareness training for staff at Strange Ways prison

Strange Ways Staff Training

We had a great day with staff from hmp Manchester. HMP Manchester Strange ways commissioned the School of Sign Language in to deliver Deaf awareness training to their staff members. They currently work with a staff member who is profoundly Deaf and the course was set up to support staff in communicating and to develop a stronger understanding of Deaf people and their culture.

Here’s what they had to say;

“It’s the best course I have been on in my 33 year’s of working here”

It was very informative best thing we have fun while we were learning”

“Are you putting another course on I missed it and everyone is still talking about it”