The School of Sign Language offer a unique support package for our Deaf Clients. Each client that is referred or comes to us for support is matched with a native Deaf Wellbeing Officer, who offers a full communication support package, they also act as a role model for the Deaf client to enable them support and access to goods, services, education, training and employment.





Our Deaf Hub

Unique Support Package Model

The School of Sign Language has a newly established Deaf Hub, which is accessible to everyone from the Deaf and hearing community; and offers a specialised service for the Deaf community.

All of our Native Deaf Wellbeing Officer’s are supported by a Communication Support Worker who enables them to bridge the communication gap between the Deaf and Hearing community, so that all services are accessible for their clients. This may be help with your benefits, help with budgeting, access to healthcare, debt management, independent living skills, digital skills training, gaining employment, accessing the community, translation of written communication from companies and organisations and so much more.